Inclusion in the choir

Would you be interested in singing in Sokkelund Sangkor? To become a member of the choir all singers must go through a rehearsal and a trial period. Contact our chairman if you would like more information about the choir and the acceptance process.
The rehearsal proceeds as follows: First, we would like to hear you sing something of your own choice - e.g. a Danish or other song, a hymn, or a small aria. Pleas remember to bring an extra set of the sheet music for the piano.
Then a technical part of the rehearsal will follow including scales and triads, which the conductor, Morten Schuldt-Jensen, will guide you through. These exercises will show your range, flexibility, and technical abilities.
An exercise will follow where you have to repeat three-node-motifs, which will be played for you on the piano, followed by a prima vista assignment. It will typically be a small excerpt from a voice from a piece by e.g. Hindemith, Holmboe, or Larsson.
Lastly you will sing a Bach choral or another four-part choir piece together with three singers from the choir. The sheet music for this piece will be sent to you, when we arrange the rehearsal.