The Choir

Since its beginning in 1984, Sokkelund Sangkor has worked with all types of choral music, from the earlies written music to the most modern. The choir is a prominent ambassador for the Scandinavian choral tradition with its detailed work on the sound, a dynamic and persuasive expression and a very musical phrasing. Sokkelund Sangkor achieves the absolutely clean intonation in all styles from renaissance to complex vocal jazz, ranging from the light and transparent to the dramatically full-bodied. The choir ranges among the best in Denmark and won e.g. in 2001 the Holmboe prize, which can be viewed as a Danish championship among vocal ensembles. Sokkelund Sangkor works in intense and concentrated projects with a given repertoire or a given project. A-cappella concerts are the main activity of the choir. Here, programs are thought through and aim at illustrating an idea with music. Concert themes can revolve around a festivity, a season, a composer or the like and will always give a marked personal perspective. Apart from these a-cappella concerts one will find Sokkelund Sangkor in collaborative projects e.g. with the well-known German Leipziger Kammerorchester. Every year we do either Handel's Messiah or Bach's Christmas Oratorio in Garnisons Kirke. These concerts have repeatedly been judged the best such concerts of the season in Copenhagen. Also collaborations with artists like the jazz musicians Ole Kock Hansen and Mads Vinding have become a tradition.  So, the repertoire profile has its starting point in the classical a-cappella choral tradition, includes larger choral and orchestral productions and other musical styles. CD recordings with Sokkelund Sangkor span a range from Grundtvig songs with Ole Kock Hansen and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen to feinschmecker choral music by Vagn Holmboe.

The choir in front of Vartov